About Gedamari

Brand Story

In a world bustling with activity and noise, we all seek that serene and orderly space we can call our own. Gedamari was born out of this very need. Our founder, inspired by a master craftsman during a rural retreat, saw the beauty and practicality in woven baskets. These baskets, crafted with care and precision, were not just functional but also brought a touch of natural elegance to any home. Thus, Gedamari was established, dedicated to creating a harmonious and organized living environment for every household.

Our Mission

At Gedamari, we believe that home is a sanctuary for the soul. We offer more than just products; we offer a lifestyle. Our laundry baskets, storage bins, woven flower baskets, and woven plant pots are all designed to help you find your own rhythm amidst the daily hustle, providing genuine comfort and tranquility. Each Gedamari product embodies our commitment to quality and design, aiming to add a touch of nature and harmony to your living space.

Quality Commitment

Gedamari adheres to a "quality first" principle. We select the finest materials and combine them with traditional hand-weaving techniques to ensure every product withstands the test of time. Attention to detail in design ensures that each item is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Whether you're looking for effective storage solutions or natural decorative pieces, Gedamari offers products that will satisfy your needs.

Our Vision

Gedamari is more than a brand; it's a lifestyle. Through our products, we aim to bring convenience and beauty to every household, helping everyone find comfort and serenity in their home. We believe that with continuous innovation and dedication, Gedamari will become a leading global home goods brand, accompanying more people towards a better life.

Visit our website,, to explore more about our products and stories. Let Gedamari be a part of your life, helping you create a warm, organized, and beautiful home.